Patrick Reid became the latest image ambassador for Hublot replica watches

Patrick Reed, Patrick Reed, became the brand’s newest ambassador, and announced the news at the VIP cocktail party at the famous Woodland Country Club in Texas. Patrick Reid wears private Collection Big Bang UNICO Titanium watch attendance.

In 2014 and 2016 Ryder Cup golf tournament, Patrick Reid played heroic, in the Black Jersey National Golf Course beat the European team’s main players, was ranked fourth in the world’s Larry McIlroy, to complete the epic Reversal, to help the US team to achieve brilliant victory.

Patrick Reid, 27 years old, is one of the world’s most respected players and is the main player in the two Ryder Cup golf tournaments. He is competitive, patriotic and team spirit, teammates and opponents as “the captain of the United States” title. In 2014, Patrick Reid became the youngest WGC-Cadillac championship, which was an iconic moment in his early career. In addition, Patrick Reid is the fifth golfer who can win three PGA Tour titles before the 24th birthday.

“We are honored to be able to add a world-renowned golfer to the highly respected brand ambassadors, and all the ambassadors are inspired and motivated,” said Ricardo Guadalupe, chief executive officer of Yuwan Tablet. Yu – ting and brand customers.With the insistence and focus on his career, Patrick Reid has made remarkable achievements and is very close to the concept of Yu – ship table.We are looking forward to this exciting partnership.

Patrick Reid commented: “very proud to join the Yu-ship table family and its golf team.Yu ship table is my long-standing brand has been like, and I will be proud of the watch watch wearing wrist. I look forward to myself Able to continue to support the beloved brand in the same way as Ambassador.

Yu-ship table continue to expand by the world famous, extraordinary athletes composed of the family, from the fastest run people Bolt, to the football places Bailey and Maradona. At this point, Patrick Reid also joined the world’s first Dustin Johnson and Olympic gold medalist Justin Ross’s professional golfer ranks. Yu-ship watch the process, and the golfer’s perseverance, professional and accurate complement each other, but also reflects the brand’s entrepreneurial spirit of the entrepreneurial spirit.

Classic Fusion AeroFusion Hublot replica watches

Hublot replica watches
Hublot replica watches

July 21, 2017, Friday, Yu ship table flew to Ibiza Island. The island is 41 kilometers long from north to south, east and west width of 15 kilometers, with its beautiful beaches, clear waters and warm nightclubs are also known, every summer will attract tens of thousands of tourists come to sightseeing. Ibiza has a bold, innovative spirit of freedom, and Yu-ship table to share the stick to the origin, respect for tradition and the pursuit of the concept of exploration.

There is no better than the Ushuaa Yatai, the release of the new Classic Fusion AeroFusion Chronograph Yvesa Island special edition where. It is a fashionable land, but also a hub of the island, as a symbol of modernity and authenticity, Ushuaia tower for the new appearance to provide a perfect background.

To celebrate this combination, Yu-ship table to launch the new Classic Fusion AeroFusion chronograph. The watch diameter of 45 mm, case and bezel selection of blue ceramic material, reminiscent of the Mediterranean, the sky and the sea color. Sky blue hollow dial, equipped with a Yu-ship table self-made HUB1155 automatic winding chronograph movement, can provide 42 hours power storage.

The 3 o’clock position of the second hand accumulator is decorated with the famous peace symbol, replacing the regular pointer. Peace symbols represent the 1960s hippies, and now they have become a symbol of the island. Yubi table new Classic Fusion AeroFusion chronograph Ibiza Island special edition limited edition 50, each watch from 1 to 50 unique decoration number, and in the bottom of the sapphire crystal mirror engraved “Hublot Loves Ibiza” (Yu Ship love Ibiza) sign.