『NEW』Franck Muller Grand Central Tourbillon Replica Watches

Franck Muller Replica Watches

Franck Muller replica watches, a Swiss replica watch factory, has just launched a new Tourbillon replica Watch – “Grand Central Tourbillon”. The special feature is that it adopts a unique “central Tourbillon” structure, making the slow rotating Tourbillon become the visual focus on the dial.

The cintr é e curvex barrel case has been redesigned with thin and smooth lines. The upper and lower ends of the sapphire mirror extend to the ear, making the dial more spacious and open. Another new design is the independent inner bezel, which realizes the two-color combination of case and bezel in the cintr é e curve family for the first time.

The painted dial provides a variety of color options such as black, white, blue and gray. It is matched with the eye-catching large-scale Arabic numeral time scale. The embossed Ji engraving is divergent from inside to outside to form a spiral pattern, echoing the rotation of the tourbillon. Since the tourbillon occupies the central position of the dial, the pointer gear system is also modified accordingly. The pointer is installed on the edge of the tourbillon, as if suspended on the dial.

Equipped with self-made FM CX 40t-ctr automatic chain movement, the swing frequency is 18000vph, providing power reserve for up to 4 days.

Franck Muller Grand Central Tourbillon Replica Watches With crocodile leather strap, the official price of steel case version is 112000 Swiss francs, and the official price of rose gold version has not been announced yet.