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Baselworld Preview: Three Innovative New Bell & Ross Replica Watches Pilots’ Watches

The Swiss Fake Watches brand, founded in 1992 by Bruno Belamich (“Bell”) and Carlos Rosillo (“Ross”), has been releasing watches based directly on aviation instruments since 2010, starting with that year’s BR 01 Compass and following it up with 2011’s BR 01 Radar. The company has again delved into aircraft instrumentation panels for this year’s new releases, basing the watches’ designs on cockpit controls that are essential to flying and navigation.
The BR 01-92 Heading Indicator is based on a device called a gyrocompass (sometimes referred to as a course or heading indicator), which indicates an aircraft’s course during both manual flying and autopilot. The BR 01-92 Airspeed takes its cues from the anemometer, which measures an aircraft’s speed in relation to the air in which it is moving. And the BR 01-97 Climb is inspired by an instrument called the variometer or vertical speed indicator, which uses atmospheric pressure to measure whether a plane is ascending, descending or in level flight.

Bell & Ross Replica Watches has released photos and info on its latest trio of new watches in its BR 01 Aviation collection, inspired by instruments in aircraft cockpits, set to debut at Baselworld. The new models — called Heading Indicator, Airspeed, and Climb — join last year’s triumvirate of the Horizon, Altimeter and Turn Coordinator to bring the “flight instrument” collection to six.