Hublot replica watches launched a new classic Fusion Fuente limited edition watch

“The new watch is a tribute to the exquisite craftsmanship and humanistic spirit of the cigar and the watch, and we are in these areas with the Fuente family.”
– Hublot watch chief executive Ricardo Guadalupe (Ricardo Guadalupe)

Fu Ente cigar with its infinite passion, self-sacrifice, the pursuit of the perfect family spirit, top cigars manufacturing the top of the world. Tabacalera Arturo Fuente y Compañia has faced countless challenges since its creation in Cuba in 1912 – the company was forced to leave Cuba and expedition to Frolos, under the influence of the current state policy in the late 1950s Rida and Nicaragua eventually became rooted in the Dominican Republic. Here, tobacco growers and cigarette makers are able to fully exploit their talents. In the early 1980s, Carlito Fuente, the well-deserved successor to Arturo, the founder of the company, opposed the decision to establish a cigar factory in the Dominican Republic. The gamble is an absolute victory: 105 years after the Fuente brand was established, everything proved to be a wise move to take root in the Dominican Republic. Fuente Cigars are even superior to the best Cuban cigar makers.

Loic Biver, general manager of Hublot’s Greater China, and Arturo Fuente Chairman Carlos Fuente Jr unveil classic Fusion Fuente limited edition watch

In 2012, Arturo Fuente celebrated its 100th birthday and the honor of the world’s leading watchmaking brand Hublot was entered into its historical journey. The two brands work together to unite the infinite passion in their respective fields and highlight the essence of excellence. In recent years the two major brands have collaborated on the launch of a wide range of watch collections and numerous charitable projects to provide assistance to the Dominican people through foundations founded by the Fuente family. The launch of the new watch series – three Yu Hubu watch classic Fusion Fuente limited edition watch designed to pay tribute to the two brands for the exquisite workmanship of the common enthusiasm and the pursuit.

“I am impressed with the design of this new watch that my family has been working with by Hublot and Fuente. We love this land. It gives us the soil to make cigars that allow us to take root here and we feel grateful And this watch is the true expression of this emotion, while the watch is once again honored to show Fu Ente cigar and Hublot table common excellence ingenuity.

The new Hublot watch classic Fusion Fu Ente limited edition gold and watch this series of classic 45mm watch case, that is, Hublot table one of the first to use the case made of the material of the king. Wang Jin is a unique material developed by Hublot, is a blend of gold and titanium alloy. Watch bezel and crown are also built by Wang Jin and decorated with elaborate patterns, tribute Funt cigar original. Case engraved with leaf motifs, bezel engraved with classic brick patterns of Havana houses in the old colonial era and the “X” mark of the Fuente family. The back of the watch is engraved with the Güines pattern in the town of Havana, the birthplace of the Fuente family. The words “Château de la Fuente” and the watch’s limited number are also engraved on the back of the watch. Watch with burgundy dial with gold-plated time scale, burgundy crocodile leather strap lined with natural rubber folding clasp. This watch limited edition collection of 50.

The second wristwatch is made of brushed titanium and has the same engraved pattern design as the king’s gold with a blue dial and strap. Titanium watch limited edition collection of 100 pieces.

The third watch uses bronze. This different kind of material presents a unique color as the years change, and its dial and bracelet also choose the perfect match with bronze green. Bronze watch limited edition collection of 100 pieces.

Loic Biver, general manager of Hublot’s Greater China, and Arturo Fuente Chairman Carlos Fuente Jr unveil classic Fusion Fuente limited edition watch

Three models Hublot classic fusion Fuente limited edition watches are equipped with automatic movement HUB1112, vibration frequency of 28’800 vibration times / h, power reserve of about 42 hours. The new watch collection was unveiled at the Fuente Grand Tour Shanghai on October 13 to witness yet another milestone in the history of Hublot and Fuente cigars. Lois Biver, Managing Director of Greater China at Hublot, testified in partnership with Carlos Fuente Jr., Chairman of Arturo Fuente and his close partner, This event.