My Next Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches

Since the release of omega replica Speedmaster’s Dark Side of the Moon (2013), I have known that I need it at some time. I am not talking about the recent changes, but the initial changes. The king of the dark side. This is my love letter to that replica watch.

This may be a little unexpected, because my focus is to collect Omega Speedmaster professional replica watches, or at least the models of future generations of Moonwatch. Yes, I have a Mark II, Speedmaster 125, Speedmaster LCD, Speed Master X-33, etc. They are already odd numbers in my theme. In 2013, Omega launched the Speedmaster dark side of the moon with a shell diameter of 44.25mm. I was fascinated by it. All black ceramic case, ceramic dial, and last but not least, a beautiful interior manufacturing movement (9300 caliber). The perfect modern interpretation of the classic timepiece.

Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches

Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon

I’m browsing our large database. We took all the photos in the “Speed Tuesday” event. I noticed that none of the photos showed the dark side of the moon wearing Speedmaster. Yes, there are some people wearing the omega replica Speedmaster dark side Apollo 8, which I still think is one of the best variants, but no one wears the original dark side of the moon in 2013. It doesn’t seem to be the favorite watch of Speedmaster enthusiasts. Although Apollo 8 can be found on the wrist of several collectors, the dark side of the Speedmaster moon (see 311. is obviously not considered interesting by stubborn lunar observation collectors.

How to create a modern watch with enough DNA to the original design, instead of becoming another traditional model? In the (very distant) past, Omega tried several times, which led to the famous Mark series. This effort continued until Mark V in the 1980s. This is the playground of Omega. We accepted modern design – sometimes futuristic design – and adopted elements of the iconic Speedmaster design. Not every Mark series is successful. However, this does not mean that they have not become the collections of enthusiasts. In fact, far from that.

It looks cool

Many of my friends who collected omega replica speedmasters ignored the dark side of the moon. It may be too modern, too ceramic, too bulky, but I think it looks cool. For me, it is still one of the most beautiful models in the dark side of the moon series.

But here may be its stumbling block: I think Omega replica watch made a mistake. Soon after the first OG model was released, so many variants of this watch were released. Although these are not very beautiful works, they weaken the concept of the dark side of the moon. The Grey Side of the Moon is a cool version. It seems natural to offer your customers a choice of black or white dials (as Rolex did on Daytona). But in addition, this concept may be a little outdated, weakening the influence of the original model that I really like and respect.

The dial on the grey side is made of platinum, so it brings something extra to the table. But Omega replica should stop there. At least for a while. It would be a good thing if we could give Speedmaster the dark side of the moon a little time to accept the appreciation it deserves. However, this problem is far from unique to Omega. For example, I saw the same situation happen to Octo Finissimo of Bvlgari. This is one of our favorite models in Fratello as individuals and teams, but the question whether a series of options improve or hinder the original concept is valid.

Modern Speedmaster

I can’t believe the dark side of Omega Speedmaster’s moon replica is eight years old. For me, it is still a very modern watch. Is it perfect? No, it isn’t. For example, it may be thinner (such as the 9900 caliber racing car and the recent Apollo 8). But its appearance still impressed me. It’s also good to put some modern things in my Speedmaster box.

My heart is with the moon. This is what I like to collect. But I also think every collector needs to see it. Now, my Seamaster 1200M PloProf has become a watch. I wear it almost every day instead of wearing a moon watch. But I also “need” a modern Speedmaster omega replica that can be worn under any circumstances.

The original Speedmaster “The Dark Side of the Moon” had many boxes! For some people, a housing diameter of 44.25mm may be a problem. However, it suits me very well. I know you really need to try it before you ignore the size based watches. Ploprof is another good example.

The dark side of the Omega Speedmaster moon 311. In the current Omega replica series, the retail price is 10800 euros. For more information, please visit Omega’s official website.

Omega Speedmaster moon replica watches

Caliber 9300

This movement provides me with many choices. The utility model not only has a column wheel mechanism, but also has a coaxial escapement mechanism, a silicon hairspring, and a 60 hour appropriate power reserve. Last but not least, it is a beautiful sport through the back of its square sapphire case.

In addition, the movement has passed the precision timing certification. Replica Omega Speedmaster’s dark side of the moon was introduced a few years before replica Omega introduced the master timing standard, but it is still a reliable watch. You may be able to calculate for yourself: it seems inevitable that this will be updated to a master timer certified watch at some point in time.