Replica Gucci

A piece in the history of Gucci

In 1921, an Italian leather craftsman, Mr. Guccio Gucci Replica China founded the Gucci brand. In 1938, Mr. Gucci Replica Watches China opened his first Gucci store at Via Condotti in Florence, Italy, and began his dominance in fashion world. As with most of the other famous international brands, the rise of Gucci also benefits from the star effect. Many Hollywood stars of the 1960s were repeatedly photographed using Cheap Replica Gucci Watches, indirectly advertises for Replica Gucci. Among these Hollywood stars were the famous actress Audrey Hepburn and the US first lady Jacqueline Kennedy. And because of Jacqueline Kennedy’s frequent use, that particular Gucci Replica Watches has been nicknamed as “Jackie”.

Gucci’s Replica Watches China most glorious period should be the time since Tom Ford became the creative director of Gucci Fake Watches China in 1994. Tom Ford has been described as the most talented contemporary fashion designers, and enjoyed a high reputation and authority in the fashion industry. He was always the center of spotlights, with no match. He also reshaped the negative image of Cheap Gucci Fake Watches caused by the brand quality decline due to the authorization of multiple small enterprises to produce Replica Gucci goods in the 1980s, reversed Gucci’s Replica predicament of bankruptcy by 180 degrees, and led Gucci to become a pivotal big fashion brand in the 1990s.