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Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon Ref.5002P

Honored as the most outstanding work of Replica Swiss Patek Philippe extant by collectors, Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon Ref.5002P is the most complicated watch product ever since the creation of Fake Patek Philippe China. Its movement has 686 parts, composes 12 of the most important complicated watch functions, including tourbillon, perpetual calendar, calendar leap year cycle, week, month, date, retrograde, the three asks, sky map, moon phases and the orbit of the moon. Due to its ultimate technical complexity and unique design, it is said that among the 180 Patek Philippe Replica Watches master-class watchmakers, only two can build this model. This fascinating masterpiece has an annual production of only two, and is only available for Patek Philippe’s topest customers to order.

According to Eric, we confirmed that Fake Patek Philippe Watches factory produces only two of this super-complicated watch a year. Combining outstanding watchmaking crafts and innovative design, this watch is sought after in a race by many collectors and enthusiasts. In April 2008, a deal of this watch was made at $11,751,500 at Sotheby’s Hong Kong Spring Auction, setting a world record for modern watch auctions. At some Chinese watch sellers, the price of this Replica Patek Philippe Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon Ref.5002P watch may be as high as 17,600,000 RMB. Such staggering high prices definitely proves the honor of “the blue blood aristocracy in watches” for Replica Patek Philippe.