Testing Entry-Level Fake Watches from Replica Rolex-IWC-Panerai

In this triple-feature Fake Watches test from our October 2010 issue, writer Alexander Krupp and photographer Nik Schölzel test a trio of entry-level timepieces from Replica Rolex, Replica IWC and Replica Panerai that offer an entrance into the luxury-watch world for a relatively modest price.
Not everyone with a passion for Replica Watches also has a fat wallet. Fortunately, most of the top brands offer reasonably priced “base” models around which an up-and-coming Fake Watches connoisseur can build his collection. Our comparative test pits three of these “entry-level” models against each other the Replica Panerai Luminor Base Logo, IWC Portofino Automatic, and Fake Rolex Air-King (Click here for our report on other “entry level” affordable Rolex Replica Watches.)
A first look at these simple but highly dissimilar models raises several questions. Is a date display more important than a manufacture movement? Is a small Fake Watches with a metal bracelet more comfortable than a large one with a leather strap? And is the most expensive timepiece necessarily also the best of the three?